My Musings

My Very First Post


Hello everybody, a very warm welcome to my blog. This is my first post on my first blog, so bear with me if I sound a little odd. I started this blog to record down my farm to plate journey in our beautiful country, Ireland. All these years, I have been eating my food mindlessly, not knowing where it came from, who grows it, how has it been grown, how has it been killed, etc. All that mattered was that it was yummy, fast and convenient. However, my girlfriend has recently taken an interest in knowing how her food gets to her plate and along the way, she has influenced me too!

I now care and want to find out everything I can about my food source. I have also started rearing my own chickens so that I can have fresh eggs every other day. I have not yet eaten any of my chickens, however I may probably do so once there’s more of them. Knowing where my food comes from is very important to me and let me tell you this, eggs have never tasted so good before! My chickens make the best eggs but that’s probably because I feed them only nutritious grains and none of that pellet crap.